5 Things You Should Know About Taking CBD for Better Sleep

Today we are going to share five things you really need to know when using CBD oil for sleep. Also, we are going to share the two types of products that work best.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that lower amounts of CBD can actually boost your energy, so if you’re using CBD oil for sleep, you obviously don’t want more energy when you go to bed.

Anything less than 10 mg of CBD is probably going to give you more of an uplifting effect than a calming effect that will help you fall asleep. That’s really important, and it’s called a biphasic effect.

You need to experiment and figure out what’s going to work best for you. If you are using CBD for sleep, you should take it for about half an hour before bed.

The second tip which should be noted is that CBD vape and drops tend to have a more uplifting effect for most users, especially vaping, so they tend to be better in the application of calmness and anxiety during daytime use.

Number three is going to be consistency and time. If you want to be consistently taking CBD every day, you should know that CBD is going to build up in your system and have a better effect over time.

Because CBD is not a drug, then the other reason you want to be consistent for sleep because it helps regulate your sleep cycle.

However, to achieve this effect, you should take it for at least two weeks every single day. For some people, it may take four weeks when they’ll begin to notice an improvement in sleep.

The fourth thing is that with insomnia, daytime anxiety or daytime stress can overflow into the evening when you’ll have trouble winding down.

In that situation, if you have a really stressful or highly anxious day, you should use CBD vape or drops or any CBD products you prefer during the day that will help keep you calm so that at night you’re not trying to go from one extreme state to the other. You’re not trying to go from the super high stress and all of a sudden crash down to getting to sleep. It’s really hard to do because the mind is racing, cortisol levels are high, and CBD oil may help to balance that, but it’s going to take time.

So if you can keep yourself calm throughout the day, you’re going to be able to sleep much better.

The last tip for the treatment of sleep deprivation is that you should look for full-spectrum CBD products. The reason for that is there’s more than just one cannabinoid in the hemp extract, so you can get a CBD isolate of just one of the cannabinoids.

But, it is better to use full-spectrum when it comes to certain different health conditions because it is generally going to be getting you better results. Full-spectrum is like eating the whole apple versus just peeling the skin off of it.

When it comes to sleep, other cannabinoids actually may work synergistically to help you get a better night of sleep.

We divided sleep problems into two categories: you having trouble getting to sleep or you having trouble staying asleep. Usually, getting to sleep has been a challenge, so in that case, we recommend using the pure hemp extract concentrate, which is a full-spectrum CBD product. It means that it has nothing added, and it is not diluted.

For example, if you taste your CBD drops, you’ll notice that they’re diluted. That’s why they are a liquid. This product is more of a gel because it’s so concentrated. Concentrates tend to have a stronger effect. For example, if you take 8 mg of CBD concentrate, its effect is similar to 20 milligrams of drops because it’s not diluted. When you put CBD concentrate under your tongue, a lot of it is absorbed directly compared to drops that diluted with the oil the other carrier, and it is harder for the system to absorb.

CBD concentrate starts acting in about 20 minutes. After that time, you can feel like your mind stops racing so much. It lasts anywhere from five to eight hours. The drops don’t last as long – that’s the other downside of using drops for sleep.

Now, if you can’t stay asleep, the better choice for you might be the soft gels or gummy bears. We recommend taking one every night, so they’ll help you make it through the night without awakening.

Soft gels are also not diluted, and they take about 45 minutes to really get in the system. They’re going to have a longer-lasting effect because it does take longer for them to get in the system and digest.

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