CBD For Type 2 Diabetes – What Are the Benefits?

Diabetes can pose serious health concerns. Cutting carbohydrates down, living a healthier lifestyle and taking medications like insulin are effective strategies for controlling blood sugar levels.

However, many diabetics also suffer from neuropathic pain. CBD for diabetic neuropathy could provide relief and improve quality of life for these individuals.

1. Reduces Inflammation

CBD works to decrease inflammation in the body, helping keep glucose levels under control. Furthermore, CBD balances hormones – specifically insulin levels. Insulin plays an integral part in managing blood sugar in people living with diabetes by acting on receptors in both the brain and body that regulate appetite as well as energy consumption from glucose sources; additionally it aids in breaking down fat cells while encouraging new ones from being produced.

Studies have demonstrated that people who frequently consume cannabis tend to have lower waist circumferences, reduced insulin resistance and a quicker metabolism. This is likely because CBD activates “fat browning”, in which white fat cells that were once used solely as storage are transformed into brown cells that provide energy during physical activity and exercise – helping maintain a healthy weight while managing diabetes more effectively and preventing further complications from emerging.

While no clinical trials exist that definitively prove CBD oil’s efficacy against either type of diabetes, studies show it could improve insulin sensitivity and balance hormones for patients living with the condition. Additionally, CBD may help alleviate diabetic neuropathy symptoms – pain that often arises as a side effect – in hands and feet; studies on diabetic rats indicate CBD may ease nerve pain by stimulating nerve growth.

CBD can also help relieve anxiety and stress, both of which can have detrimental effects on a person’s ability to manage diabetes. When anxiety or stress take hold, your body releases cortisol and adrenaline hormones which cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly.

CBD comes in many forms, from oils, capsules, and edibles to oils infused into chocolate, candy and drinks. CBD oil is the most common form, mixing an extract with carrier oils such as coconut oil for oral ingestion or topical application; other edible forms may include infusing chocolate candy gummy bears etc. However, before you decide to add CBD into your daily regimen be sure to consult a medical professional so they can ensure it won’t interfere with other medications you are currently taking.

2. Reduces Anxiety

CBD may not be a cure for diabetes, but it does help relieve stress and anxiety – which in turn can impact blood sugar levels. When under stress, adrenaline and cortisol production increases dramatically and therefore the amount of glucose entering your system.

CBD helps alleviate stress by balancing hormones and decreasing cortisol production, helping you relax more easily, and sleeping soundly – something which is especially crucial for those living with type 2 diabetes, since quality sleep improves overall health while decreasing complications related to their condition.

CBD can assist people living with diabetes by relieving nerve pain. Diabetics frequently experience nerve discomfort that hinders daily tasks. CBD may be helpful in relieving this discomfort as well as alleviating other associated conditions, such as neuropathy pain, nerve damage and fibromyalgia.

CBD, specially when mixed with supplements such as Glucotrust, as per a guide about GlucoTrust reviews on Outlook, may help prevent type 2 diabetes from developing by providing anti-inflammatory and insulin reducing benefits that reduce resistance. Furthermore, it may delay or even stop genetic predisposition to type 1 diabetes from manifesting itself.

CBD supplements may help manage your condition by reducing inflammation, preventing nerve damage and improving sleep quality. But finding a high-quality product with organically grown ingredients is crucial – look for one with a certificate of analysis (COA) to confirm it contains what’s listed on its label.

CBD for diabetes can be administered either orally or topically. Starting off slowly is suggested to see how your body responds. You can purchase CBD products such as tinctures, edibles and vape juice from various companies that sell such items; please also review any local laws or employer policies regarding cannabis before purchasing any CBD product, since certain kinds of CBD contain THC which could show up on drug tests.

3. Helps Control Blood Sugar

CBD is a phytocannabinoid that is effective at helping regulate glucose levels in the blood. This occurs by acting as an anti-diabetic by increasing pancreatic production of insulin and thus decreasing blood sugar and improving glycemic control. Furthermore, CBD acts as an antioxidant and protects mitochondria, the energy powerhouses within each cell which are damaged due to oxidative stress or free radical damage – in such instances CBD may help by protecting it against damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress!

CBD may help to ease nerve pain associated with diabetes; however, further studies are necessary to verify this belief. CBD works by engaging with the endocannabinoid system in order to help reduce insulin resistance, balance cortisol and adrenaline hormones which cause high blood sugar levels, as well as stress related anxiety – two contributors to type 2 diabetes symptoms – so CBD helps ease these conditions to ultimately lessen them and thus alleviate their impact.

Diabetes is a serious health condition with potentially devastating outcomes if left untreated, so if you’re living with it it is crucial that you discuss using CBD with your physician as soon as possible. They will be able to advise on which products would best fit for your situation and dosage recommendations while checking if any CBD product you may use interacts with medications prescribed to manage the disease or causes side effects that worsen its symptoms.

CBD comes in various forms, from capsules and sprays to oils and topicals. Your choice will affect how quickly CBD enters your bloodstream – inhalation being the fastest entry, while edibles and topicals take longer. THC content also plays a role; you should avoid any product with more than 0.3% THC as this could lead to psychotropic effects; make sure that your brand tests their products for THC content regularly, and buy in person so you can read label details to ensure you are purchasing a pure product.

4. Helps Control Weight

CBD supplements may help you manage your weight effectively by helping regulate blood sugar levels and promote fat burning. Furthermore, CBD stimulates GLP-1 which decreases insulin release after eating which makes maintaining a healthy diet much simpler. Furthermore, CBD relieves inflammation and pain caused by diabetes while its nerve-relieving properties ease diabetic neuropathy symptoms.

At first, type 2 diabetes appears to be caused by difficulty with absorbing glucose into cell tissue, leading to resistance from cell tissues against insulin, the hormone which allows glucose to enter them for energy use. CBD oil has been discovered as an effective natural sugar regulator that can also balance hormones within the body and ease symptoms associated with diabetes such as nerve pain, inflammation, and insomnia.

One of the primary obstacles associated with diabetes is being overweight, as being so can cause cells in your body to reject insulin, thus depriving them of energy from glucose. Studies have shown that CBD can increase brown fat production in your body, thus burning off more calories and helping you shed extra weight.

CBD has also been proven to relieve stress and anxiety for those living with Type 2 diabetes, which is crucial as stress and anxiety can exacerbate diabetes symptoms. Furthermore, CBD may reduce production of glucagon which triggers an adrenaline surge while increasing blood sugar levels.

Prior to using CBD for diabetes treatment, it’s advisable to speak to your physician. They can recommend the best products and dosage that meet your specific needs while also making sure there are no reactions caused by CBD that could interfere with existing medication.

Future studies will investigate the effectiveness of CBD for treating type 2 diabetes, but initial findings have been very promising and suggest it could be an effective treatment. It remains essential, however, to continue receiving regular medical care as well as making lifestyle changes such as exercising and following a balanced diet in order to prevent complications related to this disease.


CBD Oil Health Benefits

CBD oil was used thousands of years ago for the treatment of dry skin, inflammations, and eczema. This product is made by cold or hot-pressing of seeds. As a result, the oil gets a bitter taste, a pale green color, and a pleasant smell.

In order to preserve the useful qualities, doctors advise using CBD oil in its natural state, for example, as the addition of the product to everyday meals.

It has long been recognized that CBD oil is the perfect product for a vegan diet. This also refers to people who follow different diets for weight loss because CBD oil provides support for an optimal state of health.

CBD oil contains lots of beneficial vitamins and minerals, which help to prevent deep vein thrombosis, lowers your cholesterol, and increases weight loss.

You can apply CBD oil topically to the skin. It is quickly absorbed through the skin’s surface, restores natural hydrolipidic balance, and help strengthen hair and nails. In fact, due to gamma-linolenic acid, CBD oil help to seal moisture within the skin, which is essential for preventing dry skin.

Regarding Cannabidiol, it does not cause a psychoactive effect, but it has therapeutic properties. Clinical trials proved that CBD products improve sebum production and effectively fight acne.

One of the studies proved the beneficial effect of the oil by using a 3% CBD oil on a group of people with acne. A month after, all participants encountered a slowdown in sebum production and a significant decrease in the number of inflammations in skin areas where oil was applied.


CBD Gummies

Another cannabidiol form of usage that gains popularity among the costumers is CBD gummies. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to take CBD.

Because of the wide variety of forms, colors, and flavors, gummies become one of the favorite CBD products on the market.

What are the benefits of CBD gummies?

CBD effectively treats depression and anxiety, relieves pain,
reduces inflammation, and improves sleep. The FDA approves some CBD products for the treatment of epilepsy.

Several trials proved that CBD oil has a beneficial effect on the human body in relieving symptoms of various common health problems.

Are CBD gummies legal?

Federal laws allow taking CBD gummies if they contain less than 0.3% of THC. In most cases, this applies to the hemp-derived CBD.

In the case of marijuana-derived CBD, it is illegal under federal laws.
However, in some states, marijuana-derived CBD is legal, so you should check your state laws on this.

Can you get high from CBD gummies?

No, because CBD gummies are made from hemp that contains less than 0.3% of psychoactive ingredients.

You can get high only because of the intoxicating effect of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD gummies help with insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc. But they will not create a “high” effect.

What is the difference between CBD and marijuana?

It’s easy. Marijuana is produced from cannabis plans called Indica and Sativa that has intoxicating effects on the human body.

Hemp also belongs to Sativa’s type of plant, but without psychoactive properties.

So, the difference between cannabidiol and marijuana lies in different levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, which produces a dopamine release and creates an intoxicating effect.

Hemp doesn’t have these effects. However, it has higher levels of cannabidiol.


CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are effective as other forms of CBD products while remaining a hundred percent natural and safe. These capsules contain raw, unfiltered hemp oil that is naturally rich in CBD amino acids, fatty acids, and other beneficial cannabinoids.

If you are going to use capsules as a dietary supplement, then you should take one capsule daily. CBD is not intended for use for people under the age of 18. And you shouldn’t take it if you are pregnant or lactating.

The capsules themselves are made mainly from vegetable cellulose, meaning that there are a hundred percent natural. The main difference between CBD capsules and other CBD products is that you get the whole benefits of the plant extract without its taste.

Now taste is probably the biggest hurdle people come across when they start using CBD extracts, which is why capsules are so game-changing because they allow you to take whole plant CBD extract in a totally tasteless form.

So if you don’t like the flavor of the CBD liquid itself with its taste when you vape it or when you put it into the tongue, you should try CBD capsules. Taking CBD in a capsule is just as good as taking it in a tincture or a raw extract form.

CBD capsules come in different sizes, strengths, and variations. Many customers say that they like to buy these capsules just because they know their serving size because it’s simple and straight forward to know your precise dosing.

The most common are three basic variations of capsules:

  • Softgel
  • Traditional powder capsules
  • Hybrid in between the two

Softgel capsules are just the traditional hemp oil extract that’s been encapsulated. They come in a light and amber color. It’s squishy, so if you cut off the end of the capsule, you can squeeze the CBD oil from it.

Traditional powder capsules take more time to make compared to those that filled with oil because CBD extract needs to be processed into powder and then filled into capsules.

The third type of capsules is somewhat a hybrid between the first two types. It looks more like a soft gel, but you wouldn’t be able to stick a knife in the end and squeeze the oil out. There’s more like a paste because it has a little bit thicker paste-like consistency.

Different products get absorbed in different parts of the body, depending on how the form is structured. You can absorb CBD crystals most the time you vaporize, or you put it under the tongue.

It can take a little longer to get to CBD to work just because your body has to dissolve capsules, and the CBD can start to do its thing. But the end result should be the same whether you’re taking it from a tincture or a capsule.

You probably would have noticed most of the oral consumption forms of CBD is left under the tongue for at least 60 seconds the reason for that being is that under the tongue is the most bioavailable part of our body. It means that the CBD has a direct line from inside our bodies to our bloodstream.

With the capsules, it’s not that simple as the absorption doesn’t begin under the tongue. In order to bypass the stomach acids, which is very corrosive and can destroy a lot of the CBD, manufacturers use gel caps. Actually, CBD starts to get absorbed into the lower intestine.

Because of this feature, you should take into account the fact that capsules need time to dissolve in intestines, so CBD begins to act a little later.


CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are extracted cannabinoids that are mixed into either alcohol glycerin or coconut oil solution, and they’re ideal for people who are using cannabis for medicinal reasons or for people who are new to cannabis as well.

There are a few reasons for this. One is that they’re administered via a syringe or dropper, so you’re able to easily and accurately dose yourself in really small increments because you can basically count each drop as you administer.

It also the tinctures come in many non-psychoactive options, and they also carry little to no smell.

The most popular and beneficial way of taking them is sublingually, so the solution is absorbed in the body through the oral mucus.

To do this, you use a dropper, and you place the cannabis solution right underneath your tongue. You hold it there for about a minute before swallowing, and then you will feel the effects typically in about fifteen to thirty minutes, and it lasts for about three to four hours.

In this way of administration, cannabinoids and the terpenes absorbed through the tissue lining into your bloodstream, and this increases the bioavailability of the cannabinoids.

If this is the method that you’re interested in, then here are four tips for you on how you can get the most value from cannabis tinctures.

1. Specific cannabinoid options.

When it comes to tinctures, many people don’t realize that there are many options such as Sativa, Indica, and hybrid options that they’re used to.

Tinctures can be made with specific cannabinoids and some with different ratios of 1:1, 3:1, or 20:1 of a combination of cannabinoids to meet different patient’s needs.

because each cannabinoid is known for helping to treat different symptoms and ailments and can cause different effects

You can find tinctures that are in THC, which is psychoactive, CBD, which is non-psychoactive, THCA, and CBDA, which is the acid form of THC and CBD before it’s exposed to heat.

Both of these are fairly new cannabinoids to be offered and studied. They are non-psychoactive, but there are astounding results that have been discovered with patients who are using these cannabinoids for an assortment of different reasons.

2. Using whole plant tinctures from the flower.

We tend to favor whole plant tinctures from the flower as opposed to trim.

The flowers are just the most cannabinoids and terpenoids richest part of the plant.

The trim doesn’t have as many terpenes, and it mostly has the cannabinoid THC in it.

These types of tinctures will give you the fullest entourage effect from cannabis and provide you with the widest range of terpenes.

The cannabinoids and terpenoids are where all the medicinal value of the plant resides, and with some trim only tinctures, you just lose quite a bit of the therapeutic benefit from this lack of a rich terpene profile.

What happens is that multiple cannabinoids work together to enhance the medicinal value of each of their individual properties.

3. Choosing alcohol extractions.

Lots of manufacturers tend to favor tinctures that are made from an alcohol extraction process.

Since this process is the gentlest on the plant, it keeps the terpenes more intact because some extraction processes they strip the terpenes from the cannabis. Other ones like CO2 break apart the bonds between the cannabis and the terpenes.

The alcohol extraction process keeps the terpenes completely intact with cannabis; that’s when you’ll see the best benefits.

Alison Ettel from TreatWell, which is a leading cannabis tincture company, said that with alcohol extractions, she’s seen that with her clients and patients that they’re not building up a tolerance to cannabis. So they’re able to use less cannabis to achieve the exact results that they need, which is a really big plus.

4. To choose products with testing and proper labels.

When you’re purchasing tinctures, there are a few that you want to make sure to look for and to favor.

You want to make sure that the bottle itself says how many total milligrams of THC and other cannabinoids are also present in it as well as how many milligrams are in each dropper.

Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to accurately and safely dose yourself.


CBD Chewing gum

Scientifically, the gum is a far superior delivery method comparing to other types because when you chew a gum, it is absorbed by the oral mucosa or the thin membrane layer in your mouth. That is a much better absorber of supplements and nutrients in your digestive system.

In fact, many studies have shown that when you eat a gummy, less than 10% of CBD is actually absorbed by your body, compared to 75% in the case of chewing gum.

So, chewing a piece of CBD gum increases the bioavailability of CBD. It is a great way to absorb active ingredients. That is why, in the case of tinctures, doctors recommend leaving it in your mouth for a minute before swallowing.

Is CBD chewing gum legal?

It is totally legal because, in December 2018, President Trump signed the farm bill, also known as the agriculture bill, which made standards on what’s legal and what’s not on a federal level in terms of infusing CDB additives. So, this product is legal from a federal standpoint.

How is CBD gum produced?

It is very difficult to manufacture CBD infused gum because it is difficult to get CBD isolate or CBD oil into the gum base.

CBD gum comes in a blister pack containing 8 pieces of CBD infused chewing gum, 80 mg per pack. Each retail box includes 10 blister packs.

How does CBD chewing gum taste like?

There are many flavors of CBD chewing gum, such as mint and strawberry flavors.

This chewing gum does a pretty decent job of making a very light relaxing feel if you are uptight or have high anxiety. This is something that you might choose to do on a regular basis.

The flavor sticks around for about 10 or 15 minutes. After that, it still has a very slight flavor to it, but it’s not nearly as strong as the normal gums that you would buy at the grocery store. That’s a good thing because it’s a hundred percent organic, has zero chemicals, and sugar-free.

What are the ingredients of CBD chewing gum?

If we take a look at the ingredients, they use the xylitol from birch trees, wild peppermint and mint, sunflower lectin from sunflower seeds, and hemp oil.

All ingredients are organic, certified, lab-tested, non-GMO, and gluten-free. If this kind of stuff is important to you, definitely check out this product.

When chewing this gum, it has a very smooth texture, too, a lot more pleasing than most gum is that you get at the store.

What about CBD gum’s reviews?

The product has positive reviews from people with severe psoriatic arthritis, migraines, people with muscle tension, and people with bad needs like knee pain joint pain after surgery.

For example, we have one patient who has the emotive type of cancer who’s on chemo who claims that it really helps with nausea. This woman doesn’t like to can’t really eat anything and doesn’t like smoking, and our gum has helped her a lot with nausea.


CBD E-liquids

Today we are going to be talking about CBD E-liquid. It is a very popular way to take CBD today. Manufacturers produce various types of e-liquids containing CDB, with lots of different flavors and strength.

They range these products in CBD quantity starting at 30 and then working the way up to 600 or even more. So the increments of CBD are 30 mg, 100 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg, etc. which are benefits in finding the right strength for you.

One of the best ways to determine it is to make a “rat test,” which is a good analogy.

Basically, it means that you should have a little nibble, and you work out what is good for you for your ailment. So a rate, for example, if it finds a portion of food that it’s not had before, it will go and have a tiny little piece of it, and then go off on into a dark corner. If it survives that little new ball, then it’ll go back for more, and then it’ll go back for even more and more until its full.

That’s the same sort principle we’ve taken CBD. So you start off the lowest strength possible, you try it and then if you don’t get any benefits from it, and it’s not actually helping your ailment, then go up a stage and later next week go up a stage again until you find that ideal spot for you and for what you’re suffering from.

So, the fastest way to get CBD in your body is through inhalation, which means vaping it.

Vape e-liquids are formulated like regular e-liquid, except they don’t use artificial flavoring. Instead, they have CBD in addition to natural plant terpenes arranged in a formula to match very popular cannabis strains.

They use a CBD isolate in addition to the carrier oils of a vape language, which are PG or propylene glycol and VG or vegetable glycerin in addition to the natural terpenes.

Mostly when you’re looking at CBD isolate products, you’re looking at them for the anti-anxiety the relief from stress and anxiety benefits.

Here are some of the most popular flavors that present on the market:

  • Sour Diesel is very high in the terpene limonene which is great at elevating mood and providing stress relief, and, in general, the Sour Diesel terpene profile is one of stress and anxiety relief which pairs with the CBD extremely well. Sour Diesel is definitely probably the most popular one in terms of selling.
  • OG Kush is a very classic strain. It is one of the most popular terpene profiles out there in terms of the cannabis world. OG Kush is very high in the terpene myrcene, which is found in cannabis, mangoes, lemongrass, and hops. It’s known to have anti-inflammatory analgesic or pain relief and sedative properties. OG Kush is very relaxing. Generally, it’s an uplifting strain.
  • Blue Dream is extremely popular. It’s a really good anytime flavor because some flavors are good at night some during the day. Blue Dream is one of those flavors that you can enjoy pretty much any time of the day or at night for relaxation. It’s very complex, so it has a lot of different terpenes in it. Really good for focus, mental clarity, relaxation.
  • Purple Haze is the terpene profile that is effective against mental alertness and is good for relaxation, focus, creativity. It’s really smooth with a very light flavor.

How To Vape CBD E-liquid

Let’s talk about common questions about vaping CBD liquids. What strengths do you need? Is it safe? Should I inhale into my mouth or my lungs? We will try to cover a lot of these questions in this article.

Most commonly, people use two types two different types of vaping systems. First one comes in a starter kit with a USB charger, and a cartridge with CBD liquid. Usually, it’s very potent, and it lasts quite a long time, but this is disposable. So, you vape until you’ve run out of the liquid, throw it away, and get a new one.

One of the great things about the disposable cartridge is that if today you want the mint flavor and tomorrow – the citrus, all you have to do is switch cartridge for a different flavor. That’s very convenient because you can’t do that with the refillable type of vaping devices.

Another benefit of this vape is that you don’t have to deal with a messy tank that you’ll try to refill and try to make it not to leak.

The second type of vaping system is refillable, and it comes with a higher quality battery. We recommend that you get one from a local shop like down the street because if you have trouble with it, you can take it back and they can fix it or replace it real easily.

But you want to make sure first of all that you get a device that vapes CBD, not nicotine. If you try to put CBD liquid in a nicotine pen, you will likely clog the pen, so you should buy a CBD pen.

With this type of system, you’re going to have a longer-lasting battery and a refillable tank. You can take this tank out. You don’t throw it away like the cartridge in the first system, you keep and refill it. Usually, you have to charge batteries once a week.

Both of these systems use the same THC-free PG-free vape liquid with various flavors. The difference between them is in CBD strength. The CBD concentration in the cartridge is going to be five to seven times stronger than the refillable liquid.

So, if you’re a person who just wants to relax and vape often throughout the day, but you don’t need a high content of CBD, then the refillable type of vape is great.

Lots of people asking us about how to inhale CBD correctly. We recommend to do it this way: after you inhale, you should count to like two or three and then exhale.

You don’t have to inhale it deep into your lungs – you may just hold it in your mouth. You will get a higher absorption rate if you inhale in your lungs, but you don’t have to. It will absorb through the capillaries in your mouth just fine.

You can basically count to two or three and then exhale it right away and repeat it for about three times. The reason you don’t want to do more than three times right in a row is that the coil in a vaping system can get hot, and you don’t want to burn out your coil.

So, make three inhales in a row and then set it down for a couple of minutes to let it cool off. Usually, you will notice the effects you’re looking for in five to ten minutes.

If you don’t get the results you’re looking for, or you didn’t get enough o it (essential for people having panic attacks) you might need to repeat.

However, people are different. For example, some need only one inhale, and that’s all they need.

The effect of CBD vaping is not long-lasting, so if you vape right now, it might last two or three hours, and after that, you might need to do it again.

As you can see, the effect varies from people to people, so you need to do to find out what’s best for you, how much you need and how often.

As we mentioned earlier, the easiest way to determine that is to try to give it three puffs and see how you feel after five minutes.

The average length of time that the cartridge will last is about 250 to 300 puffs or four weeks of use. That’s the average, some people get eight weeks out of it, some people get two weeks, but the average is going to be about four weeks.


CBD Oil Drops vs. CBD E-liquids

We are going to explain the difference between CBD oil tincture drops and CBD oil vape liquid.

They both come in a dropper bottle, so there’s still confusion, for example, can you use the CBD oil tincture drops in your vape pen or can you use the vapor-liquid sublingually.

So we are going to answer those questions and explain how this process works.

If you take a pure hemp oil extract or concentrate and try to vape it, it is not going to work because CBD extracts are really thick.

The right way to make CBD oil tinctures is to take the hemp extract or the most concentrated CBD extract and dilute it so that it can be used in a dropper bottle.

For example, we have the tasty drops with CBD in there, and you can dilute it with a carrier oil such as MCT oil.

The benefit of doing this is you can add some flavoring to it. For instance, you can add natural flavors. Just ensure that they are food-based natural flavors. You have to know what you’re buying because you can end up with droppers that have preservatives artificial flavors that cause allergic reactions. They’re just not healthy.

Now you cannot use the CBD oil drops or any CBD tinctures in a vape pen. The reason is it’s still too thick. Although we added carrier oil, it’s still going to clog, even if you use different types of pens.

They have to be formulated specifically for a vape pen. Vapor e-liquid much thinner than the CBD drops because it has a thinning agent.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are using propylene glycol (the abbreviation for that PG) or vegetable glycerin, in which the abbreviation is VG. You should what out for those because they’re not really healthy.

So basically, you really want to vape CBD tinctures, you will need a thinning agent to thin it out because it’s not going to clog your vape pen.

What about CBD e-liquids? Now, technically you can use the vape liquid sublingually under your tongue, but you’re not going to get the same benefits because they are not formulated for oral intake.


5 Things You Should Know About Taking CBD for Better Sleep

Today we are going to share five things you really need to know when using CBD oil for sleep. Also, we are going to share the two types of products that work best.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that lower amounts of CBD can actually boost your energy, so if you’re using CBD oil for sleep, you obviously don’t want more energy when you go to bed.

Anything less than 10 mg of CBD is probably going to give you more of an uplifting effect than a calming effect that will help you fall asleep. That’s really important, and it’s called a biphasic effect.

You need to experiment and figure out what’s going to work best for you. If you are using CBD for sleep, you should take it for about half an hour before bed.

The second tip which should be noted is that CBD vape and drops tend to have a more uplifting effect for most users, especially vaping, so they tend to be better in the application of calmness and anxiety during daytime use.

Number three is going to be consistency and time. If you want to be consistently taking CBD every day, you should know that CBD is going to build up in your system and have a better effect over time.

Because CBD is not a drug, then the other reason you want to be consistent for sleep because it helps regulate your sleep cycle.

However, to achieve this effect, you should take it for at least two weeks every single day. For some people, it may take four weeks when they’ll begin to notice an improvement in sleep.

The fourth thing is that with insomnia, daytime anxiety or daytime stress can overflow into the evening when you’ll have trouble winding down.

In that situation, if you have a really stressful or highly anxious day, you should use CBD vape or drops or any CBD products you prefer during the day that will help keep you calm so that at night you’re not trying to go from one extreme state to the other. You’re not trying to go from the super high stress and all of a sudden crash down to getting to sleep. It’s really hard to do because the mind is racing, cortisol levels are high, and CBD oil may help to balance that, but it’s going to take time.

So if you can keep yourself calm throughout the day, you’re going to be able to sleep much better.

The last tip for the treatment of sleep deprivation is that you should look for full-spectrum CBD products. The reason for that is there’s more than just one cannabinoid in the hemp extract, so you can get a CBD isolate of just one of the cannabinoids.

But, it is better to use full-spectrum when it comes to certain different health conditions because it is generally going to be getting you better results. Full-spectrum is like eating the whole apple versus just peeling the skin off of it.

When it comes to sleep, other cannabinoids actually may work synergistically to help you get a better night of sleep.

We divided sleep problems into two categories: you having trouble getting to sleep or you having trouble staying asleep. Usually, getting to sleep has been a challenge, so in that case, we recommend using the pure hemp extract concentrate, which is a full-spectrum CBD product. It means that it has nothing added, and it is not diluted.

For example, if you taste your CBD drops, you’ll notice that they’re diluted. That’s why they are a liquid. This product is more of a gel because it’s so concentrated. Concentrates tend to have a stronger effect. For example, if you take 8 mg of CBD concentrate, its effect is similar to 20 milligrams of drops because it’s not diluted. When you put CBD concentrate under your tongue, a lot of it is absorbed directly compared to drops that diluted with the oil the other carrier, and it is harder for the system to absorb.

CBD concentrate starts acting in about 20 minutes. After that time, you can feel like your mind stops racing so much. It lasts anywhere from five to eight hours. The drops don’t last as long – that’s the other downside of using drops for sleep.

Now, if you can’t stay asleep, the better choice for you might be the soft gels or gummy bears. We recommend taking one every night, so they’ll help you make it through the night without awakening.

Soft gels are also not diluted, and they take about 45 minutes to really get in the system. They’re going to have a longer-lasting effect because it does take longer for them to get in the system and digest.