CBD Chewing gum

Scientifically, the gum is a far superior delivery method comparing to other types because when you chew a gum, it is absorbed by the oral mucosa or the thin membrane layer in your mouth. That is a much better absorber of supplements and nutrients in your digestive system.

In fact, many studies have shown that when you eat a gummy, less than 10% of CBD is actually absorbed by your body, compared to 75% in the case of chewing gum.

So, chewing a piece of CBD gum increases the bioavailability of CBD. It is a great way to absorb active ingredients. That is why, in the case of tinctures, doctors recommend leaving it in your mouth for a minute before swallowing.

Is CBD chewing gum legal?

It is totally legal because, in December 2018, President Trump signed the farm bill, also known as the agriculture bill, which made standards on what’s legal and what’s not on a federal level in terms of infusing CDB additives. So, this product is legal from a federal standpoint.

How is CBD gum produced?

It is very difficult to manufacture CBD infused gum because it is difficult to get CBD isolate or CBD oil into the gum base.

CBD gum comes in a blister pack containing 8 pieces of CBD infused chewing gum, 80 mg per pack. Each retail box includes 10 blister packs.

How does CBD chewing gum taste like?

There are many flavors of CBD chewing gum, such as mint and strawberry flavors.

This chewing gum does a pretty decent job of making a very light relaxing feel if you are uptight or have high anxiety. This is something that you might choose to do on a regular basis.

The flavor sticks around for about 10 or 15 minutes. After that, it still has a very slight flavor to it, but it’s not nearly as strong as the normal gums that you would buy at the grocery store. That’s a good thing because it’s a hundred percent organic, has zero chemicals, and sugar-free.

What are the ingredients of CBD chewing gum?

If we take a look at the ingredients, they use the xylitol from birch trees, wild peppermint and mint, sunflower lectin from sunflower seeds, and hemp oil.

All ingredients are organic, certified, lab-tested, non-GMO, and gluten-free. If this kind of stuff is important to you, definitely check out this product.

When chewing this gum, it has a very smooth texture, too, a lot more pleasing than most gum is that you get at the store.

What about CBD gum’s reviews?

The product has positive reviews from people with severe psoriatic arthritis, migraines, people with muscle tension, and people with bad needs like knee pain joint pain after surgery.

For example, we have one patient who has the emotive type of cancer who’s on chemo who claims that it really helps with nausea. This woman doesn’t like to can’t really eat anything and doesn’t like smoking, and our gum has helped her a lot with nausea.

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