CBD for Dogs

First of all, let’s talk about what CBD even is? CBD is an active cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, which is where marijuana and THC and all that stuff comes from.

CBD oil can be used for a multitude of reasons, and oftentimes CBD is used by humans. The biggest reason for that can be for anxiety depression, to help with hunger or pain.

CBD is an incredible supplement because it’s very, very hard for you to overdose on it. In reality, even if you give them way more than they needed, they would really be slightly more sluggish, tired, and relaxed than normal.

It’s very important to clarify before we get more into how CBD can help dogs that CBD does not get your dog high. That comes from a completely different part of the hemp plant, and that is called THC.

THC is the psychoactive part of the hemp plant, and that’s what actually gets you high when you do things like smoked marijuana.

Depending on which company you get your CBD oil from, especially for your dogs, they can have traces of THC in it. That is why it is incredibly important to invest in more expensive higher-quality CBD oil brands because, by doing so, you’re guaranteeing that there will be no THC in it for your dog.

THC can be very dangerous for dogs, so it’s really important that you make sure that there are absolutely no traces of THC in your CBD oil.

So let’s get into why you would even want to give your dog CBD oil. What are the benefits of CBD oil, especially for our little furry friends?

The biggest and most common reasons that people would give CBD to their dogs or mainly for anxiety and pain.

CBD can actually be given in the morning with their food or orally by mouth, and both of these ways are equally effective.

Sometimes dogs can suffer from anxiety, whether it be anxiety or if you’re taking them somewhere new, especially during moving.

If you were to take them out on a hike or a walk with lots of people and your dog doesn’t do well around large crowds, CBD can be an amazing supplement to help them to cope better with their surroundings.

CBD is by no means a behavioral band-aid for issues you’re talking to be dealing with, whether it is anxiety or reactiveness. But we definitely don’t want to have this article come off as CBD as a cure-all for you all of your dog’s problems.

Another big reason that you would give your dog CVD is for pain. A little while ago, we actually have an experience where the dog had decided to run off and go tramping into the woods. She ran into a porcupine, so she had little spines poking out all over the place.

While we were able to get all the spines out, she was in a lot of pain at that moment. So we did choose to give her CBD. After giving her the CBD just orally into her mouth, she was visibly so much more comfortable than she was able to relax a lot more. She wasn’t stressed panting anymore.

We did choose to give her the 750 mg dose over the next couple of days just to make sure that the inflammation wasn’t too uncomfortable for her.

A couple of the smaller reasons that people might give CBD for dogs is because it can help with their coat a lot. So if your dog is suffering from dry skin or has a really brittle filling coat, giving them CBD is actually a good idea because it really helps with that coat and skin health.

Another smaller reason that kind of differs from dog to dog is that it’s not like guaranteed to help with this if your dog is acting really hungry. Giving them CBD you can help a lot with their appetite, especially after something like a surgery, which can also help a pain.

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