CBD Oil Drops vs. CBD E-liquids

We are going to explain the difference between CBD oil tincture drops and CBD oil vape liquid.

They both come in a dropper bottle, so there’s still confusion, for example, can you use the CBD oil tincture drops in your vape pen or can you use the vapor-liquid sublingually.

So we are going to answer those questions and explain how this process works.

If you take a pure hemp oil extract or concentrate and try to vape it, it is not going to work because CBD extracts are really thick.

The right way to make CBD oil tinctures is to take the hemp extract or the most concentrated CBD extract and dilute it so that it can be used in a dropper bottle.

For example, we have the tasty drops with CBD in there, and you can dilute it with a carrier oil such as MCT oil.

The benefit of doing this is you can add some flavoring to it. For instance, you can add natural flavors. Just ensure that they are food-based natural flavors. You have to know what you’re buying because you can end up with droppers that have preservatives artificial flavors that cause allergic reactions. They’re just not healthy.

Now you cannot use the CBD oil drops or any CBD tinctures in a vape pen. The reason is it’s still too thick. Although we added carrier oil, it’s still going to clog, even if you use different types of pens.

They have to be formulated specifically for a vape pen. Vapor e-liquid much thinner than the CBD drops because it has a thinning agent.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are using propylene glycol (the abbreviation for that PG) or vegetable glycerin, in which the abbreviation is VG. You should what out for those because they’re not really healthy.

So basically, you really want to vape CBD tinctures, you will need a thinning agent to thin it out because it’s not going to clog your vape pen.

What about CBD e-liquids? Now, technically you can use the vape liquid sublingually under your tongue, but you’re not going to get the same benefits because they are not formulated for oral intake.

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