Different Types of THC Free CBD Oil

THC free CBD oils are becoming very popular for people who may not be able to have ANY of THC in their CBD product.

One of the most common questions about CBD products is the difference between these types of THC free CBD oil products. What are the full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum isolates? What does that mean?

It is pretty easy to understand. The broad-spectrum CBD product has all of the cannabinoids that you find in full-spectrum, except THC, because it has been filtered out.

Let us use an apple for an example because everybody knows what an apple is. So everyone knows an apple has vitamin C.

What you can do when you have an apple is you could extract the vitamin C. You will still have the apple and everything else that comes in the apple, you just don’t have the vitamin C in it, because you take that vitamin C out.

That would be the broad-spectrum CBD, and when you’re shopping for CBD oil, it should be specified as “broad-spectrum,” so all of those other plant terpenes cannabinoids are in there (there’s over a hundred and CBD is just one of them).

So the full-spectrum CBD is going to have everything, and then the broad spectrum is going to have everything except for the THC.

The other type is going to be CBD isolate. CBD isolate has only the CBD extract without any additional cannabinoids. If we go back to our apple – you take out vitamin C, now you have the vitamin C all by itself. You’ve isolated it, and that’s what they do with the CBD – they isolate only the CBD, so there’s also no THC. It’s just a different way of putting formulating the product.

Then you take that isolate, which is a white powder, and you can either take it by itself, but it may not be very effective because it needs the other cofactors and synergistic nutrients to have the effect.

What you can do is formulate the CBD isolate with plant terpenes that will specifically create that entourage effect. Terpenes are naturally occurring oils in the plant, and they have their own set of potential benefits.

The nice thing about the CBD isolate with plant terpenes is you have a lot of flexibility on what you’re formulating, and also, it has zero THC.

Again just to recap – you got the broad-spectrum CBD product where the THC is filtered out, and everything else left behind, and then you have the CBD isolate which is the extract and has only the CBD, and then you can formulate it with other plant terpenes and other plant parts that will help create the entourage effect.

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