What’s the difference between Hemp and CBD Oil?

It turned out that lots of people do not know the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil, so we are going to give you a really simplified explanation.

The hemp plant has CBD in it, so they’re not really separate from each other, they are actually the same thing. For example, an apple has vitamin C in it, so you can’t really compare an apple to vitamin C because an apple includes it. Well, CBD is actually in the hemp plant.

If we break this down a little further, so we’ve got the hemp plant, which is cannabis, and the cannabis plant has the hemp and the marijuana species.

From the hemp species plant, you’ve got hemp seeds, and they don’t have any CBD in them. What they do have is a ton of nutrients. They’re a great source of plant protein for those of you who don’t want to have to eat a lot of animal foods – you rather get your protein from the plant. This is a terrific source of nutrients that are really essential for health, such as vitamin B, iron, omega-3 fats, etc.

Thus, the hemp species are really healthy, but they don’t have CBD in them. Hemp oil is typically going to come in a bottle, you can get it at grocery stores or health food stores, but it’s typically going to come in typical bottles and cost for about $10.

That’s the seed part of the plant, and then we have the flowers in the stock, and that’s where you’re going to find the cannabinoids which have the CBD.

More precisely, there are over a hundred cannabinoids, and one of those cannabinoids is CBD. So if you get a full-spectrum CBD hemp oil product, you’re going to have all of them. Also, the full spectrum includes trace amounts of THC. Now, the amount of the not going to be enough to experience any effects from it, and it’s legal if it’s below 0.3%.

You’re not going to feel anything, but a true full-spectrum will have that THC in there.

If you pick up a bottle and see hemp oil on the label, that’s actually not what the CBD is coming from. It’s coming from the flowers of the stock, so you want to make sure your labels are going to say “CBD” or “phytocannabinoids” or “hemp extract.”

Hemp extract is not hemp oil. Hemp extract is going to have the CBD in it and all of the cannabinoids. It is also going to have trace amounts of the THC.

So if you don’t want THC or worry about drug testing, other options can also be very effective. But if you’re looking for all those plant terpenes and phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBC – you should take full-spectrum CBD products.

We usually recommend starting out with a full spectrum, and if you want more of some specific ingredients like CBC, CBG, or CBN, then add it separately. Because when you eat the whole apple and then take a little bit extra vitamin C, you’re getting way more health benefits. It’s going to be much more effective.

So if you want maximum results, we recommend a full spectrum first and then adding in these other specific cannabinoids that you are looking for.

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